Motor Symptoms

These may include:

  • decreased range of motion
  • stiffness
  • weakness
  • poor co-ordination of movement
  • difficulty initiating movement or poor movement control
  • tremor or dystonia (in rare cases)


These motor problems are often not due to pain, nerve damage or a joint or skin problem. They are a special feature of CRPS that is due to poorly understood, disturbed communication between the brain and the limb.

A helpful question to ask is: “If I had a magic wand to take your pain away, could you then move your… (e.g. fingers)” many patients will answer “no” to that question.

Assessment: look out for: inability to initiate or co-ordinate movement, abnormal movement patterns, poverty of movement.

The aim of treatment: is to maintain or regain functional movement and improve this disturbed communication between the brain and the affected limb.